Marketing and Communication

The Best Start Network is encouraged to raise awareness of the importance of children's early development and promote programs and services, which are available locally through Best Start Hubs and throughout the early years system.

To support local promotional opportunities, the use of visual identity strategies is encouraged. Outlined below is information on the Best Start visual identity protocol.


The Best Start Steering Committee has developed a logo which has been provided to the network partners who are encouraged to use it in the production of all local promotional and informational materials. This logo may appear on its own on all materials produced for local promotion of Best Start and on materials that feature initiatives with other partners. This includes such materials as brochures, flyers, posters, letterhead, invitations, registration forms and signs.

Please Note: Recently the Best Start logo has been redesigned by the Best Start Steering Committee and the Lambton Children's Planning Network. Images of the new logo are available below for download and copy. Please ensure the use of the new logo on future initiatives.


In order to maximize recognition, and maintain the visual integrity of the logo, colour substitutions of the full colour version are not permitted.


In cases where more than one logo is required, the Best Start logo should be at least the same size as other logos.


When using the logo font substitutions are not permitted. The font is Copper Black.

Communications and Marketing Working Group

As a function of the LCPN the communications and marketing working group meets frequently to help raise the awareness of Best Start in the community. The group helps to develop promotional campaigns, print materials, videos, Internet, and radio among many other duties.

For more information on the working group or for marketing and communications you may contact one of the following:

Best Start Co-Ordinator:
[email protected]
[email protected]

or by phone
519 542-9842


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