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Developed by the Offord Centre for Child Studies at McMaster University, this instrument measures children’s readiness to learn in five general domains:

  • Physical health and well-being
  • Social competence
  • Emotional maturity
  • Language and cognitive development
  • Communication skills and general knowledge

This instrument on children of different communities and helps communities assess how well they are doing in supporting young children and their families.

The survey is completed by kindergarten/primary teachers on each child in the class.

The EDI Measures

Physical Health & Well-being
Children are healthy, independent, rested each day.

Language & Thinking Skills
Children are interested in reading and writing, can count and recognize numbers, shapes.

Social Competence
Children play and get along with others, share, show self-confidence.

Communication Skills & General Knowledge
Children can tell a story, communicate with adults and other children.

Emotional Maturity
Children are able to concentrate on tasks, help others, show patience, are not often aggressive not angry.

EDI Data Library