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About EarlyON Child and Family Centres

EarlyON Child and Family Centres, outreach and mobile programs help parents, caregivers, and children birth to six years find free programs and services that build on their strengths and help them navigate the journey. Places where parents and caregivers can start making connections and build relationships that are essential to realizing a child’s full potential. Where they can learn, grow and connect together.

Children can:

Be curious;
Make friends;
Engage with others.

Where they can build their sense of belonging and capacity for expression, enhance their own well-being, explore, and engage with the world around them. Where they can build their sense of belonging and capacity for expression, enhance their own well-being and explore and engage with the world around them.

We offer safe and welcoming environments open to all families across Ontario, with qualified professionals and quality programs, in a place where families and caregivers can find support, advice, personal connections and a network of resources. Where questions get answers, anxiety turns into peace of mind and sense of solitude turns into a spirit of community.

Our Vision

A community that enriches the lives of children and families for a better tomorrow.

The County of Lambton EarlyON acknowledges that this land is part of the ancestral land of the Chippewa, Odawa, and Potawatomi nations, referred to collectively as the Anishinaabeg and the Delaware nation known as the Lunapeew. We also acknowledge the earlier Indigenous people that travelled these lands prior to the treaties. It is through their connection with the spirit of the land, water and air that we recognize their unique culture, traditions, values, and sovereignty. Together as treaty people, we have a shared responsibility to act with respect for the environment that sustains all life, protecting the future for those generations to come.

Parent Testimonials

I have been going to EarlyON centres since my first son was born. At first I went for newborn check-ins, lactation support and information on development and stages for my babe. After a few visits, I felt part of a new and needed community. One that was supportive, inclusive, knowledgeable and really helpful on the many “tired new mom” days! Four years and another baby later, I continue to bring both my boys to the EarlyON, and they enjoy it so much! Grateful for this resource, community, and the amazing educators that run it.

Chantel P.

It has been an amazing experience to feel a part of the community that EarlyON offers. The friendship offered by staff, the support, and helpful programs available have been such an asset for our family. We are so appreciative to be able to participate with this program.

Abegale R.

EarlyON is an amazing resource in our community. It’s a place for children to socialize while they play. It’s a place for parents to connect. They offer art, music, literacy, sensory, and pretend play. They bring in community helpers such as a nurse, and Pathways. They even provide a snack to children. The staff are wonderful ECEs that facilitate the program. We are so lucky to have found EarlyON while our kids were young.

Angela O.

As a caregiver I love coming to EarlyON. It’s a wonderful, safe place for kids to explore and play with all the colourful, educational toys. The themes seem to change every week or so it seems and definitely every season. This allows the kids to learn & use all their senses. But, most of all I love the fact it’s a free service and all the staff make you feel welcome. Not to mention they provide free snacks. Love the service!

Frances H.

EarlyON has been a life-saver. Kids love coming and playing with different toys. The sensory bins offer them fun experiences that I could not offer them at home. They also have an amazing virtual literacy program that we love to do at home.

Jessie R.

My experience at EarlyON was (is) unbelievable. We have been attending since my oldest was born. The childhood educators have always been kind to my family. Despite my children being Spanish speakers, they have gained confidence, kindness, respect, and sharing abilities that are important values in their lives. At EarlyON, I have seen the kids grow in speaking, painting, outdoor interaction, and crafting. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for these valuable lessons.

Juan L.

EarlyON has been an amazing service for me and my kids. As a stay-at-home mom, EarlyON has been a great space for my kids and I to socialize with other kids and parents. The ECE’s feel more like friends as they watch my kids grow over all the visits each year. I’m grateful for Lambton County EarlyON’s and love telling new parents about EarlyON and the services they provide.

Kari V.

Our family moved to Wyoming during Covid. Despite having little support, we are grateful to have found EarlyON. The staff quickly embraced us and provided support, advice, resources, and fun for our children. EarlyON locations have become a safe place for our kids to learn, play, and explore. The staff are amazing and make an effort to interact, encourage, and inspire families. This community program is truly wonderful and necessary.

Heather F.

I'm extremely grateful for EarlyON programming at Skana in Sarnia! All three of my children have benefited from this program. They have been drumming and learning their birth right language, Ojibwe, with Sandra's help. As a busy working mom, I don't always have time to teach these important lessons. EarlyON offers plenty of learning and fun opportunities, as well as helpful resources for our everyday lives. Last year, when I was struggling with an infected c-section, EarlyON provided us with incredible support. I am forever thankful for that! Miigwetch.

Caitlin W.