Lambton's Child and Family Network

Lambton's Child and Family Network (LCFN) brings together a diverse range of organizations, committed to discussing and planning for the best interests of children and families in Lambton County. The primary task of the Network is to plan for services that promote the well-being of children and families. Service providers in Lambton County are committed to working and planning together to support the early learning, health, and wellbeing of each child with the long-term view of enriching the quality and capacity of future generations.

Our priorities include:

  • promoting early identification of children under the age of three
  • enhancing quality child care and support to parents through integrated service planning child care subsidy
  • seamless access to services for children and youth, no matter where you start looking for services, we call this No Wrong Door
  • increased understanding of Indigenous cultures and traditions;

It has been recognized and supported by years of research that the happy and healthy children of today are the healthy, productive and caring adults of tomorrow.

Our Vision...

A community that enriches the lives of children and families for a better tomorrow.


  • Children/Youth prenatal to twenty-one years of age are our priority and the decisions made and plans developed will reflect their needs and that of their families.
  • We value Lambton's Indigenous, Francophone and other diverse communities.
  • We are committed to an integrated system of services for children and families and will foster the ongoing development through collaboration, co-operation, and mutual respect.
  • As community partners, there is an understanding and undertaking that service development for children and families will be brought to the network table for discussion and inform our decisions.