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Visiting EarlyON

What to Expect


The EarlyON Centre is a place where parents, caregivers and children birth to six, can play and learn together. We promote learning through play and encourage you to participate in your child’s exploration.

  • You will be asked to complete a
    one time registration and receive a
    key fob for future sign-in. This will
    be a universal code for use at all
    EarlyON sites in Lambton County.
    Please bring your key fob each
    time you visit.
  • You are responsible for the
    supervision and safety of the
    children in your care. If you need to
    leave the room to change a diaper/
    weigh your baby, please let an
    educator know.
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From the Educator

EarlyON staff are Registered Early Childhood Educators.


  • can link families with community
    resources and services, as well as
    provide information on healthy child
  • develop supportive relationships
    with parents and caregivers.
  • ensure play is an important part
    of EarlyON programs as it’s how
    children learn about the world
    around them.
  • support and celebrate children’s
    curiosity, efforts and exploration.
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From the Parent/Caregiver

When you bring your children to the EarlyON Centre, we encourage you to participate in their learning by:

  • sitting at a table or on the floor with
    them as they play.
  • talking to them about what you see
    them doing, describe their play and
    introduce new words.
  • sitting with your child in circle,
    participating in the songs and
  • tidying up with your children;
    shelves and bins are clearly

You are your child’s most important teacher! Delight in their play!

Maintaining Healthy Environments

We make every effort to maintain clean, healthy and safe play environments. Please do not attend EarlyON programs if showing signs of ill-health.

Things to Bring

Many of the play opportunities involve children experiencing a variety of materials and mediums. Exploration of water, sand, paint and playdough can be messy. We provide paint and water shirts, but bringing an extra set of clothes and indoor footwear would be helpful. Outdoor experiences are available, please come dressed for the weather.


Hot beverages are discouraged.

Refrain from using your phone.

Please wash hands frequently.

We provide nutritious snacks-outside food is discouraged.